Designer and Urbanist

Michael J. Rosenberg

Designer and Urbanist

Creative Rockland
Environmental Graphics, Urban Planning
Town of Rockland (2018)

MAPC provided technical assistance to the Town of Rockland to develop and implement a creative placemaking project in collaboration with the local community to showcase the positive impact of integrating arts and culture into Downtown Rockland’s revitalization.

The project deliverable, “Sole of Rockland,” is a fully developed creative placemaking concept and demonstration created in collaboration with local artists, Union Street businesses, and Town staff. In addition, MAPC provided the Town of Rockland with a creative placemaking assessment to help evaluate potential project sites that can generate a permanent creative placemaking project.

Along with being apart of the creative engagement process, I facilitated the production of the stencils for the wayfinding system from the watercolor paintings of shoe-prints.