Designer and Urbanist

Michael J. Rosenberg

Designer and Urbanist

The Printer is Broken
Boston University (2021)

The printer is broken is the collective thesis exhibition for the graduate graphic design students of 2021. This exhibition explored the idea of the printer as a graphic design tool and its failure. The exhibition aimed to reclaim the failures and struggles of dealing with the printer, as well as showcasing how we adapt to our situation as designers.

I held the leading role in this exhibition’s creative direction and production management, along with exhibiting my own work.

808 Open Studio
Boston University (2019)

How do you find place within space when that space is an active construction site? Extensive wayfinding. For the Graphic Design Open Studio in 2019, we created a wayfinding system that spanned the entire building, leading people from the entrance through an active construction site, to the fourth floor, and through the halls to the Open Studio event. They wayfinding also helped guests find their way to the various activities the event had to offer, as well as help them find their way out of the confusing construction site of a building.

This project coordinates with form of place as well as activity. The design of the system was to facilitate active use of the space and participation in all aspects of the event, while also helping people navigate the space through physical forms.

If Black Saints Could Fly 23
Orbis Editions (2021)

Marlon Forrester with an essay by Jeffrey De Blois

If Black Saints Could Fly 23 explores ideas of transformation and ritual as it continues Marlon Forrester’s ongoing artistic interventions around the mediation of the Black male figure in the Americas. A new suite of paintings is presented alongside materials that include a primer on the festivals of Guyana, the artworks of Chartres Cathedral, and the geometry of the basketball court.

Elevator Missed Connections
Personal Experiment (2020)

 Places of transience generate a temporary anonymous community. None of these is generally more awkward than the elevator, where social norms are to stand facing the door and not really speak. The elevator however, is the one place where everyone in a building overlaps in public space. During the COVID-19 pandemic signage was placed in the elevator telling people to face the corners, making an awkward experience even worse.

This project explores the community we are missing in the elevator, especially in the pandemic setting. Creating an online place, asking the individual to alter their activity in the elevator, and attempting to foster new meaning of the space the elevator provides.

North Hempstead Mapping
North Hempstead, NY (2019)

A set of 12 maps created for the North Hempstead Arts and Culture Plan. These maps are used to understand existing conditions in the town, and to help identify future growth and changes.